When True Love is present…

…Despite circumstances, situations, obstacles, in True Love ~ Love always shines through. A smile always comes to the surface, and the only stars that truly shine are the ones that are in the eyes of the other. Because of the love you have for the other, you radiate ~ your soul becomes radiant. Their personality, character, causes your soul to glow, even on their “bad days” or on your “bad days.”

When the rest of the world seems to be crumbling down, or falling apart, or you cannot take the weight of the world anymore, true love lifts you up to overcome the challenges, to see the good, and to remind you of your strength. True love overshadows all the other things that are occurring around you, and sweeps you up, to a state of deeper meaning and being; all you can see is true love instead of all of the other things. When others may have made your day miserable, or could have torn you apart, true love accepts you for who you are. True love lifts you up, and reminds you of how wonderful you are, even in moments when no one else sees your goodness. Or when everyone else is making demands of you, or expects you to fix everything, true love lets you just be, and exist in who you are and for who you are. When you feel like giving up, and throwing in the towel, because “no one gets it’“….

…True love shows up…picks you up…and reminds you, you can do it. When you need strength, and confidence… True love runs beside you, and when you want to run ahead of true love – true love keeps the steady pace, so that you don’t outrun yourself…. When you are lagging behind and do not know the way… true love runs slightly ahead of you to show you the way.